The promoter group “Un punto en el Pacífico” Development Corporation, is a consortium formed by renowned investors of the construction field that have changed their resources and experiences to make out of Pacific Point the best residential in Panama.

As promoters of Pacific Point, identifying the preferences and needs of our customers and with the support of the architects George Moreno II and George Moreno III, we have designed a first class development which offers its owners an exceptional way of life. 

Pacific Point is designed within a unique master plan that ensures the control and harmony of every development within the total concept and guarantees the highest standards of security and exclusiveness.
With various successful projects finished and some others which are actually under construction, “Un Punto en el Pacífico” Development Corporation is seen as one of the most renowned promoter companies in Panama.  

Promoters's Projects
Architect's Projects
Pacific Park
Miramar Tower
Plaza 54 (Oficinas)
Hotel Intercontinental
Edificio de Diego (Balboa Point 101)
Hotel Bambito
Balboa Tower
Isla Contadora (Desarrollo Urbanístico)
Terrazas de la Cresta
Club Unión
Plaza Azteca (Oficinas)
Club de Golf de Panamá
Banco Nacional de Panamá
P.H. Tiffany
P.H. Coral Reef
P.H. Saboga
P.H. Pacific Shore